Courier Services From Delhi to UK

Fly My Courier is a renowned courier service that offers reliable shipping solutions from Delhi, India, to the United Kingdom (UK). With a strong network and expertise in international logistics, We ensures secure and timely delivery of packages. Their services include convenient door-to-door pickup and delivery, express shipping options for time-sensitive shipments, tracking and insurance facilities, as well as assistance with customs clearance. Fly My Courier follows strict packaging guidelines to ensure the safety of shipments during transit. For cost-effective and efficient courier services from Delhi to the UK, Fly My Courier is a trusted choice.

Weight ( Kg) Economy Charges Semi Economy Charges Express Charges
0.5 Kg Rs. 1150.00 Rs. 1750.00 Rs. 2199.00
0.1 Kg Rs. 1350.00 Rs. 2150.00 Rs. 2450.00
1.5 Kg Rs. 1480.00 Rs. 2400.00 Rs. 2800.00
0.2 Kg Rs. 1590.00 Rs. 2700.00 Rs. 3100.00
2.5 Kg Rs. 1800.00 Rs. 3150.00 Rs. 3300.00
0.3 Kg Rs. 2110.00 Rs. 3450.00 Rs. 3700.00
3.5 Kg Rs. 2400.00 Rs. 3890.00 Rs. 4150.00
0.4 Kg Rs. 2600.00 Rs. 4000.00 Rs. 4450.00
4.5 Kg Rs. 2800.00 Rs. 4350.00 Rs. 4800.00
0.5 Kg Rs. 3000.00 Rs. 4500.00 Rs. 5150.00
5.5 Kg Rs. 3200.00 Rs. 4800.00 Rs. 5500.00
0.6 Kg Rs. 3350.00 Rs. 5000.00 Rs. 5780.00
6.5 Kg Rs. 3600.00 Rs. 5200.00 Rs. 6000.00
0.7 Kg Rs. 3850.00 Rs. 5500.00 Rs. 6300.00
7.5 Kg Rs. 4120.00 Rs. 5900.00 Rs. 6500.00
0.8 Kg Rs. 4300.00 Rs. 6250.00 Rs. 7000.00
8.5 Kg Rs. 4450.00 Rs. 6600.00 Rs. 7300.00
0.9 Kg Rs. 4620.00 Rs. 7000.00 Rs. 7500.00
10 Kg Rs. 4800.00 Rs. 7300.00 Rs. 8000.00
Above 10 Kg Rs. 480.00 Per Kg Rs. 700.00 Per Kg Rs. 800.00 Per Kg
Above 20 Kg Rs. 450.00 Per Kg Rs. 600.00 Per Kg Rs. 780.00 Per Kg
Above 30 Kg Rs. 399.00 Per Kg Rs. 600.00 Per Kg Rs. 750.00 Per Kg
Above 50 Kg Rs. 350.00 Per Kg Rs. 600.00 Per Kg Rs. 650.00 Per Kg
Above 100 Kg Rs. 305.00 Per Kg Rs. 600.00 Per Kg Rs. 650.00 Per Kg
Approx Delivery 8-14 Working Days 6-9 Working Days 3-6 Working Days
Free Packaging Yes Yes Yes
Online Tracking Yes Yes yes
Door To Door Yes Yes Yes
Free Insurance Yes Yes Yes

Note: GST Extra On Total 18%

Why choose Fly My Courier to Send International Courier to UK from Delhi?

There are several compelling reasons to choose Fly My Courier for sending international courier shipments from Delhi to UK.

Reliable and Efficient Services: Fly My Courier has a reputation for providing reliable and efficient services. They have a strong track record of delivering packages on time and ensuring their safe arrival in UK.

Competitive Pricing: We offers competitive pricing options. They understand the importance of affordability, especially when it comes to international shipping, and strive to provide cost-effective solutions for their customers.

End-to-End Tracking Services: We offers end-to-end tracking services. You can easily monitor the progress of your shipment online, providing you with peace of mind and transparency throughout the shipping process.

Dedicated Customer Service: We have a dedicated customer service team that is available to address any queries or concerns you may have. Their team is responsive and committed to providing excellent customer support.

Lastly, Fly My Courier has expertise in international logistics and understands the complexities of shipping to UK. They ensure that all necessary customs documentation and regulations are adhered to, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shipping experience.

What can we send from Delhi to UK:

✅ Documents

✅ University Application

✅ Branded Food

✅ Medicine

✅ Precious Items

✅ Toys & Games

✅ Blood/DNA/Serum Sample

✅ Machinery & Spare Parts

✅ Chemicals

✅ Worship Items

Services Offer To UK from Delhi

When sending a courier from Delhi to UK, Fly My Courier provide following Services:

Door-to-door delivery: We will pick up the package from your location in Delhi and deliver it to the recipient's address in UK.

Express delivery: We offers express or expedited shipping options for time-sensitive shipments. These services prioritize fast delivery, typically within a few days.

Tracking and insurance: We provide tracking numbers for your shipment, allowing you to monitor its progress online. Additionally, you can opt for insurance coverage to protect the value of your package during transit.

Customs clearance: Since you are shipping internationally, your package will go through customs clearance in both India and UK. We will assist you with the necessary documentation and customs requirements to ensure a smooth process.

Packaging guidelines: We often have specific packaging guidelines to ensure the safety of your shipment during transit. They may provide guidance or offer packaging services if needed.